Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How do I use The Word Go Project?

The Word Go Project is designed to give you a variety of ways to "experience" the Word of God. The content is divided into "Seasons" and "Episodes", with one Episode available at a time. That Episode is available on mobile and desktop Web browsers in several formats.

Have 20 minutes to spare? Try the Full Experience! This is the way we recommend that you experience each episode the first time you listen to it. This version will be less than twenty minutes long, and will contain both the spoken Words and the Songs. In this experience, the Songs are intercut with the Words, so you can hear all of the materials in one sitting.

Only have 10 minutes? Check out the Words Only or Songs Only experience! Words Only contains the spoken Words version of the content. Typically it is seven or eight minutes long. The songs are used as a music bed behind the Words, so if you listen to this experience a few times and then listen to the Songs experience, the music will tie the two together for you, enhancing your understanding of both! Songs Only contains all three Songs, about nine or ten minutes' worth, played one after the other, with no speech to distract from the music. But remember - the Songs cover the same ground as the Words, so you are still learning as you listen!

Prefer reading to listening? Want to review the experience at your own page? The Read Words experience is for you! It contains the full text of the Words and Songs, for people who enjoy reading more than just listening, or who would like to read along.

Each Episode of The Word Go Project is available for a limited time - typically several weeks. Our recommendation is that you listen to one or more of the experiences at least several times a week. This allows you to absorb as much of the information as possible (it's too much to take in at one sitting!) and to learn and retain it by repetition. All experiences are ad-free, and available 24 hours a day. Please enjoy, and please let us know how the Word of God impacts your life via The Word Go Project!

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